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Truck and Trailer Parts

Every business that we do must provide a value added solution to meet our customer's requirements, in line with that, KML combines our existing product and product range of alliance enterprises to pursue "Truck and Trailer Parts Service".

All our truck and trailer parts are endorsed by KML Quality Assurance System to ensure the product quality and customer's interest. Meanwhile, KML brings value-added service to customers by providing "one-stop" purchasing and consolidated shipment.

Air brake parts Axle parts Repair kits

Air Brake Parts

Spring Brake Chambers
Air Brake Chambers
Assembly Parts
Manual Slack Adjusters
Automatic Slack Adjusters
Airline Coils
Relay Valves

Axle Parts

Oil Seals
Brake Camshafts
Brake Shoes
Brake Shoe Return and Retaining Springs
Hub Caps, Axle Nuts Kits, Bolts

Repair Kits

Automatic Slack Adjuster Kit
Camshaft Support Repair Kits
Brake Shoes Kit
KingPin Kits
General parts Suspension parts Drive shaft parts

General Parts

Landing Gears
King Pins
Fifth Wheels

Suspension Parts

Multileaf Springs

Drive Shaft Parts

Universal Joints
Drive Shaft Center Support Bearings & Assemblies