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Kingpin Kits

Kingpin kit is the special spare parts for the repair operat ions of automobile, which often include shaf t or king pin,bearings, bushes, cap, gasket and some other accessories, which are appl ied for American, European,Japanese vehicles. These kingpin ki ts wil l make the maintenance become much more convenient.

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Part No.OEM No. Application
KP-025323906Renualt Truck
KP-0265000793139Renualt Truck
KP-027323944Renualt Truck
KP-0285000794319Renualt Truck
KP-0295000794320Renualt Truck
KP-0303090266Volvo Truck
KP-0313090267Volvo Truck
KP-032550257Scanta Truck
KP-033550284Scanta Truck
KP-034550730Scanta Truck
KP-035550733Scanta Truck
KP-036R201309Meritor heavey duty truck
KP-037R201310Meritor heavey duty truck
KP-12340022-C0425Nissan UG780
KP-124/J1540022-B5025Nissan 620/ J15 Junior
KP-12940025-90228Nissan UD
KP-13240022-J5125Nissan QC340
KP-13340025-25025Nissan CM-90
KP13440025-90427Nissan CW
Total 176 records, page  of 9 Next