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Microhardness tester allows multiple samples

Hahn + Kolb presents the latest generation of Qness Microhardness Testers at this year's H?rterei Congress in Cologne. According to the company, the CHD Master Plus automatically checks and is also suitable for multiple samples.

A sharp specimen image and multiple samples: This is what distinguishes the new CHD Master Plus microhardness tester from Qness. (Photo: Hahn + Kolb)

Measurement technology - us. Hahn + Kolb , the exclusive distribution partner of the manufacturer Qness, offers the new microhardness tester CHD Master Plus. With the measuring device, products can be tested whose surface has been hardened to protect the component against wear. Typical examples are gears, crankshafts or camshafts. They all have a hardened surface and a tough core.

Compared to the base model, the CHD Master, the new tester is reported to have a 5-megapixel sample camera, which records the entire sample sharp and in color. Thus, users have at all times an overview of the component to be tested and can document the images, executes Hahn + Kolb. In addition, eight samples can be applied simultaneously to the test bed and automatically tested one after the other. This saves time and ensures more efficiency in the sample room, laboratory or directly in production.

The testers are available in three models - Q10, Q30 and Q60 - and have test load ranges between 0.05 and 62.5 kg.

Due to a 6-fold tool changer, the CHD Master Plus allows multiple measurements, single and serial measurements as well as CHD, NHD and SHD. The clear software interface and the intuitive 3D operating concept make handling the small-load hardness tester extremely easy, it goes on to say. With the Auto-Snap feature, the operator automatically aligns the row start point, positioning the test series comfortably and quickly.

Another special feature of the Qness device is the Optimum Stop function. It closes the course immediately below the limit hardness and thus avoids unnecessary testing times. To digitally network the hardness tester, Qness offers an optional PCI software module. In addition, the hardness tester can be fully networked with databases, CRM systems and statistical programs. Direct integration into production control is also possible, explains Hahn + Kolb.

The CHD Master Plus and other solutions from the field of hardness testing by Hahn + Kolb will be on display from October 22 to 24, 2019 at the Curing Conference in Cologne on Stand C-011.