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Advanced Thin-Walled Dry-Tech Plastic Bearings Moving into Bikes

COLOGNE, Germany – The company is named igus and contrary to how it wants its name to be printed it is by no means a small company. Igus stems from Cologne, Germany and is a leader in bearings (made from metal to plastic) employing 3,500 people and operating in 97 countries including Taiwan. At last March Taipei Cycle Show the company displayed a range of solutions for the bicycle industry which are currently in use by various manufacturers.

Igus iglide plastic bearings offers solutions for all bike types and their parts like suspension forks, dropper posts as well as other pivoting points. – Photo Bike Europe

Advanced plastic bearings allow for lower weight and maintenance with increased resistance to dirt, dust and/or water. As bicycle designers push the limits on decreasing weight while maximizing durability, motion plastics specialist igus has become the go-to for manufacturers including Fox, Crank Brothers, ibis, and Spank for a range of bike components, including pedals, suspensions, derailleurs, and more.

Less maintenance

With 40 percent lower cost, 80 percent lower weight, and 100 percent less maintenance required than other bearing options, igus iglide plastic bearings are an ideal solution for all types of bicycles and their components like suspension forks, dropper posts as well as other pivoting points. Igus main competence is in what it calls ‘dry-tech bearings’. Their thin-walled design is a space saving alternative to metal bearing options, and offers the best specifications, even on lightweight carbon or aluminum shafts/tubes, and the self-lubricating plastic material dampens vibrations, and stands up to high edge loads and impacts. The company offers different kinds of polymer plastics for different applications.

Igus manufactures all it bearings in Germany where it also operates a laboratory. Here the company is able to analyze customer’s applications for recommending the best suitable material for the bearings. More at