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C-HIP Motorcycle Bearings launched by Boca Bearings

Boca Bearings Introduces C-HIP Motorcycle Bearings 

Boca Bearings announced the launch of its C-HIP Motorcycle Bearings, a brand-new line of bearings specifically engineered for the motorcycle enthusiast and the latest addition to the company’s existing C-HIP product series.
Designed to improve performance while holding up under the most extreme and rugged conditions, the new C-HIP Motorcycle Bearings line utilizes ceramic balls that are made by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). These ceramic balls have a greater density and hardness than a standard ceramic ball, resulting in bearings that are able to hold up under the heavy loads and extreme conditions motorcyclists may face out on the road.

 “Bearings are essential in providing a smooth and powerful ride, but as many motorcycle enthusiasts know all too well, high speeds, heavy loads and high temperatures can wreak havoc on motorcycle bearings, even with proper cleaning and maintenance,” said Boca Bearings President Jason Flanzbaum. “Our new C-HIP Motorcycle Bearings were specifically engineered to outlast a variety of road conditions and provide the endurance and durability needed to help riders achieve the perfect ride.” 

The ceramic balls used in the new C-HIP Motorcycle Bearings play a significant role in extending the life and performance of the bearings, while the need for minimal lubrication make them well suited to both competitive and recreational motorcycle applications. 

The new C-HIP Motorcycle Bearings is part of Boca Bearing’s existing C-HIP product series, which launched last year.