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‘JAC Brand Day’ was held in JAC R&D center to witness JAC’s brand promotion
On the eve of the opening of the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition in 2019, on April 9th, JAC held the JAC Brand Day event in Hefei. From 2019 to 2022, 19 new products will come slowly, more than 100 mainstream media from all over the country gathered together to witness the determination and confidence of JAC brand’s upward and high-quality development.

Innovation-driven, developing edge-cutting technology

Science and technology lead the progress, innovation drives the development, and only by insisting on technological innovation can we raise the quality and performance of our products to a higher level. Over the years, JAC has always taken ‘energy saving, safety, environmental protection, intelligence and comfort’ as the key technology research and development route, and strives to build the core competitiveness of Chinese brand cars. Through persistent and independent innovation, as of the end of 2018, JAC had a total of 12,333 authorized patents, including 1,750 invention patents, making it the first domestic automobile company with over 10,000 patents.

In the field of passenger vehicles, JAC has always adhered to the strategic positioning of ‘making fine and superior passenger cars’, and promotes product transformation and upgrading by focusing on core technology innovations such as engine, automatic transmission, body weight reduction, NVH and intelligent network connection. To develop many high-end products such as S7, S4, S3 and other hot-selling models.

In the field of new energy, JAC has always adhered to practice and innovation, insisted on iterative research and development, adhered to design value, and finally formed today’s eighth-generation technology and third-generation products, building the leading advantages of pure electric drive technology, achieving safety, leading edge in terms of mileage, connectivity, power, economy and brand influence.

From 2019 to 2021, JAC will rely on its the newest developed modular platform. It can cover different body forms from A0 to B-class SUVs, cars and MPVs. Simultaneous development of S811, X811 compact urban SUVs, including electric, fuel-powered vehicles and hybrid power. At the same time, relying on the new generation of A00 pure electric mini-vehicle platform, the car and SUV different styles of body forms are simultaneously developed. JAC will carefully build 3 new models such as A432, S432 and S811, and optimize and upgrade 7 models. Meanwhile, it will launch 5 new energy products such as iEVA60, iEVA432, iEVS4, X811 and new A00, as well as 4 models of the year and bring a ‘green pass’ car life for global consumers.

Hard-working to promote high-quality development

Based on the basis of joint venture and cooperation with VW, JAC introduced the VW’s standard and carried out co-line production with VW. The products were carefully adjusted by VW to enhance products quality. Since February 2018, JAC’s manufacturing plants have begun to fully apply the German VDA quality management system, which has brought important significance to JAC’s manufacturing process control, supplier system optimization and component quality improvement.

At the beginning of the 2019 year, JAC’s eighth-generation technology and third-generation master product-iEVS4 was launched. The iEVS4 provides users with a more comfortable travel solution by co-production with JAC& Volkswagen, the adjustment of the public experts, and the high quality achieved by the German VDA quality standards. In addition, the iEVS4 is equipped with a new generation of Internet of Vehicles 3.0 system, which truly realizes the deep dialogue between people and vehicles. In addition to the traditional functions of voice control navigation, air conditioning, music, search, emergency rescue, etc., it also has the ability to screen bookings, etc. The new network connection function, the degree of intelligence is greatly improved, making travel life more exciting.