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Top quality electric Insulated deep groove ball bearings from Sinotree

Electrical pitting often occurs in the use of rolling bearings in high power electromotor, wind turbine generator and rail vehicles motor systems and cause sparks that damage the rolling contact surface, ultimately lead to bearing failure.

Electric insulated bearings therefore have been created and take the place of non-insulated bearings. SinoTree Technology (Beijing) Ltd. applies advanced surface modification process overlay a ceramic coating on the bearing ring, to insulate the electrical current flow into bearing substrate, so the electrical pitting is prevented and bearing's service life is extended.

It is significantly more cost-effective to provide for the use of electrically insulated bearings at the planning stage. As a result, customer benefit is increased through reduced maintenance costs and higher machine availability.

SAT series are the electrically insolated bearing products developed and marketed by Sinotree Technology (Beijing) Ltd. The insulation has a guaranteed breakdown resistance of at least 1000V AC or DC. We can also develop tailored modes for customer on types and precision levels, as well as higher electrical insulation.

Sinotree Technology (Beijing) Ltd.--Top quality Electric insulated bearing manufacturer since 2003.

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