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3D Printed Engines---Eric Harrell's 3D Printed Subaru Engine


Engines are quite complicated pieces of machinery, making it no wonder many people do not have a clue about how they work.




As 3D printers started to become more available to the public, that opened the doors for many creative minds to finally turn their ideas into reality.

A simple Google search for 3D printed engines reveals a particularly talented engineer named Eric Harrell who is known for his various 3D printed engine creations.

Eric’s goal has always been to enable other people to reproduce his own creations at home using their own 3D printer.

This way, more people can learn about engines, since the components need to be assembled by hand.

What’s also great, since the engines are made out of a number of 3D printed pieces, is that you can 3D print each component in a different color. This lets you clearly see, for example, where the valves are and how they move.

Apart from Eric’s creations, there are also some other breathtaking 3D printed engines.

Continue reading and discover the world’s most advanced 3D printed engines.

 Eric Harrell's 3D Printed Subaru Engine



This is a fully 3D printed Subaru WRX EJ20 boxer engine created by Eric Harrell. Eric’s love for engines and  his CAD skills inspired him to create this incredible 1/3 scale 3D printed engine.

The creator says the engine is entirely 3D printed, except for components like bearings. Additional parts combined represent about two to three percent of the total components that went into the 3D printed Subaru engine.

Because his main goal is to promote and inspire people about 3D printing and engineering, he made the files for this model available for free on Thingiverse.

Removing a few screws that hold the engine block’s top 3D printed part reveals the cylinders and valves, making it possible for you to see and learn about the layout of a boxer engine.