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HARP resumes supplies to the largest Belarusian enterprises
Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) resumed supplies to its traditional market – the largest agricultural engineering enterprises of Belarus: Gomselmash, Minsk Tractor Plant, Bobruiskagromash, Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units, Amkodor.

Over the last few years the Belarusian enterprises have been oriented to Chinese products, which caused serious quality problems. The resumption of supplies of the HARP AGRO bearings allowed stabilizing the work of these agricultural enterprises and solving the problems occurred due to low quality of Chinese components.

“Today we are significantly increasing the volumes of supplies to Republic of Belarus, in particular to the enterprises we are connected to by decades of successful cooperation“, – says Director of Bearings Department Vitaliy Bugrov, emphasizing that HARP is a serious and long-present brand in the CIS market with good indicators of successful presence.

It will be recalled that in good time HARP products were supplied to more than 40 countries and occupied leading positions in the former USSR. Seventy years of design and production experience, advanced technologies that meet world standards of quality and reliability allow HARP conquering the European market and expanding its presence in Eastern Europe, Asia and the CIS.

For example, in March HARP made first supplies to Lithuania. And in May 2017, the largest dealer of the Baltic region JSC Ignera acquired exclusive rights for distribution of the HARP AGRO ball and insert bearings in Latvia.

“Thus, today HARP successfully exports products to the Baltic market. We also see a significant increase in the supply of the HARP AGRO bearings to the countries of Eastern Europe, as well as to Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and other countries of Asia and the CIS. This year we are planning to supply HARP AGRO bearings to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Estonia, – says Vitaliy Bugrov and adds: One of the largest consumers of the HARP AGRO bearings is Rostselmash – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, which traditionally assembles machines with HARP AGRO bearings, getting a high level of quality at the best prices. Upon the request of Rostselmash we developed a special line of bearings with K10 seals (X-SHIELD), which guarantee a durable work of bearings and agricultural machines“.

Due to the innovative line of fully sealed HARP AGRО bearings with the K10 tight seal (X-SHIELD), providing the highest technical performance and quality level in accordance with the world’s best standards, HARP retains its traditional sales markets and actively conquers the new ones.

Today, the company specialists are expanding the range of HARP AGRO products, mastering the bearings with K15, K16, K17, K18 and K19 indexes, which have better technical indicators of tightness and reliability due to the multi-lip seals in combination with a protective shield, which aroused high interest in the European market. The insert bearings of YAR, YET, YEL series and the line of housed bearing units confidently increase the share of presence in Europe, the Baltic States and Asian countries.

Therefore, HARP retains its traditional sales markets, diversifies supplies of the HARP AGRO bearings to the markets of Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Asia and the CIS and actively develops new products for these markets, which is the basis for increasing supplies and stable growth of HARP.