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Igus launches pre-assembled Robolink D 5-axis articulated arms

Igus says the low-cost robot enables simple configuration, easy acquisition, and immediate connection

Igus has launched its Robolink D 5-axis articulated arms as an assembly kit consisting of arm, motor and gearbox, or now as a ready-to-connect articulated arm, enabling machine and system builders to rapidly implement their own low-cost robotic automation systems.

Robert Dumayne, director of dry-tech bearings, Igus, says: “Robots are taking over more and more in automation tasks. Last year, sales of industrial robots exceeded 245,000 pieces, marking a new record.”

At the same time, Igus says, interest is also growing in simple and inexpensive robotics solutions. In the area of low-cost automation, engineers can increase the productivity of their machines with a flexible robot kit using Robolink D, says Igus.

igus robolink

It is also possible to combine motors and joints in several installation sizes with standard control systems for a complete robot made of plastic and aluminium.

The Robolink DC is available as a 5-axis model in two options:

a small version with a load capacity of up to 0.5 kg; and
a larger version with up to 2.5 kg.
The system can also be ordered as a subassembly, for example as a rotary unit, pivot unit or 2-axis rotating arm.

Thanks to the robolink configurator, the robotic arm can be easily configured for delivery in kit form or pre-assembled – all that is required is the control system to become fully functional.

In addition to the joints, motors and metal parts as the connecting system, e-chains and chainflex cables with a 36-month guarantee are also available from Igus to power the robotic arm.