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Jointly fight against the epidemic and tide over the difficult times?KML is in action!
2020,an unusual year, people of all over the world are suffering from COVID-19. As the epidemic intensifies abroad, basic anti-epidemic materials such as masks are very difficult to buy. KML's oversea customers have emailed us and want to get help from KML. After learning of the situation, Mr. Kevin Chow, the executive chairman of KML organized many masked in just one week and told the sales staff to distribute them to customers as soon as possible. When the sales told the customers about this news, they are very excited and send emails to thank KML for thinking of them in difficult times, and KML is not just a business partner but a sincere friend.

Here are some excerpts to share:
Hello Becky, Yes, please send masks. That would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. (from Morocco)
Hi Nancy, that would be great.  They are hard to get here in the US. Thanks Pat (from USA)
Dear Jill, About the masks, I sincerely appreciated your help offering. (from Chile)
Dear Alice, Thanks a lot for your caring. We sincerely appreciated your offer.(from England)

Virus knows no borders, but adversity reveals true friendship. Let's hope and pray that this virus passes soon.

2020-05-07 17:25:03