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KML K-Poly High Performance Solid Polymer Lubricant

Solid Lubricated Bearings offer a true Lube-for-Life Solution! Maintenance-Free, Grease-Free Bearings

If you need USDA H1 approved lubricants, Food Grade Formula Solid Lubricated Bearings are your answer. The superior solid lubricant combines a micro-porous polymer with food grade synthetic oils. The solid polymer encapsulates the oils while blocking out contaminants significantly extending bearing life. The polymer releases the correct amount of lubricating oil to the bearing while operating, but does not leak or drip past the seals.

In many KML bearing styles the original seals and/or flingers are reinstalled after the solid lube is cured in the ball cavity. This extra sealing protection helps increase the service life of the bearing. It is not uncommon to double or triple the operating life of the bearing in the original application due to the superior performance of the solid lubricant coupled with labyrinth sealing systems.

Whatever you are  processing, grease does not belong there.

From Poultry Processing to Car Washes KML Solid Polymer Lubricant provides enhanced protection of critical bearing surfaces. In the new world created by the Food Safety & Modernization Act and the responsibility that it assigns, having one less HAACP parameter to contend with can save time and money in improved operating conditions. From an aesthetic perspective, the cleanliness of this solid lubrication solution can pay dividends during critical inspection reviews. Contact us to learn more about KML Bearing USA innovative bearing solutions.

2017-09-21 14:44:35